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                THINGS MY CATS LOVE!
                  THINGS THAT I LOVE!

My cats LOVE Churu, especially this Chicken and Cheese kind! They don't like any of the off brand stuff, Churu only! This is also perfect for feral cats, none can resist it's taste and smell. View it or buy it here
I love this little USB powered food chopper! Its perfect for grinding up small amounts of food, garlic, and my wet cat food that is too big of chunks. View it or buy it here

So of all the cat toys with catnip in them, mine love these the best, mainly because they are long enough to "bunny kick" them. You can view or buy them here
I've bought many back scratchers over the years but these work the best and are pretty darn cheap too. You can view them or buy them here

My cats love these, they like to be petted with them, and the wrestle with them as well. I cannot lean down all the way to pet my cats, so these come in handy! View or purchase them here
Many times I have bought phone holders, but none compare to this nifty item. There is a space to charge your phone below, which is just great! It's inexpensive too. You can view or buy it here

These nicely insulated medical cups are given out at hospitals. I love them. You can buy them here
This is the best thing for gas and intestine pain! I virtually guarantee your gut and gas pain will disappear if you use this item. Also, you MUST buy the AD formula, not the other type. You can view it or buy it here

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